Dubai is particularly known for great Indian food and restaurants. This melting pot of a city offers food from almost every corner of India. To bring out a list of 'Must Try Indian Restaurants' in the city is an intimidating and daunting task, especially for an Indian girl who celebrates food from every state in her land. To that end here is my list of 5 Must try Indian restaurants in Dubai

1. Farzi Cafe at City Walk- A cult hit advocating molecular gastronomy using innovative techniques and a  restaurant like no other in Dubai. At Farzi be prepared not just to be satisfied but to be #Farzified. What sets it apart is the price point; multi-sensory dining experience and great vibe offered without damaging your wallet. If you are looking for something extra special and an unforgettable culinary experience settle into Farzi and enjoy the ride. 

What to order - The deconstructed shepherds pie plated with a creative flair on a crescent platter is a definite stand out. A dish that will blow you away is the devilled quail eggs, served on top of chicken keema, with zaatar and labneh spheres. The Dal chaval aranchini is a highlight. Do not miss the Rasmalai for sweet endings and Farzi Pinnacolada to quench your thirst,

2. Junoon at Shangrilla Hotel- Earning a michelin star every year since it opened in 2010 in NYC and with celebrated chef Vikas Khanna helming the show, when you are out in Dubai to experience Junoon, expectations are steep. Every expectation was exceeded at this space for SignetRing. A refined fine-dining experience that will have you dine like a King.

What to order - Gastronomic chat starter, Eggplant chat drizzled with tamarind chutney, creamy shrimp malai, Murg tikka Mirza Hansu,  and a Kulfi that the chef himself comes out with a trolley and whips up with liquid nitrogen.

3. Mint Leaf at DIFC- Yes, it’s probably the most fine Indian experience you can get in town but it’s also incredibly good. Make sure your wallets are well loaded before you head here.

What to order - Cannot miss the Signature drink Tungsten Light Bulb with a variety of mix, Prawn Balchao prepared with wild African prawns marinated in rich tomato base, Lamb Potli Biryani prepared with Australian leg of Lamb and fragrant basmati rice will leave a lasting memory. The Gulab Jamun Cheesecake is just the most amazing treat to end your fine dining experience here.

4. Carnival by Tresind at DIFC. With a Carnival style eclectic decor, a mixologist that has honed his craft to perfection, talented home-grown chef Himanshu Saini helming the food scene here and the most friendly staff cheering you in, this space invites you to a fun tasting and sensory journey across India.

What to order - Mystery tea with notes of elderflower is delightful, Jalebi chaat  is beyond amazing. Pulliinji Prawn is a preparation from my home town in south of India and its executed to perfection. The Bihari Burger is creatively presented with modern techniques yet tastes as authentic as it gets. The Mithai corner with mini gulab jamun, kala jamun, rasgullas and a variety of other sweets presented with creative display and showmanship, is the one dish you cannot afford to miss when visiting this space

5. Maharaja Bhog - Authentic Rajasthani and Gujarati thali that will have you revisiting this spot. Meal here with servers replenishing your plate with unlimited fresh hot rotis and sides, will have you filled up from tum to head.

Let’s just say you probably shouldn’t plan anything for the rest of the evening that doesn’t involve laying down and relaxing on a beach or bed

What to order - Thali

6. Calicut Paragon in Karma -  Be prepared to queue in on a weekend at this Insanely popular south-Indian Kerala restaurant with good prices and excellent food. This spot features some of the best curry and biryani we’ve had in this town. Warning - be prepared to introduce your taste buds to some hot and spicy. This is a perfect space to indulge in  for budget eats. 

What to Order - Spinach pakodas is a perfect starter for those who can’t handle spices. Mutton and Chicken Biriyani, is sealed the best in town by us. Appam which is fluffy soft steamed rice bread is just mouth-watering good paired with flavorful chicken stew. For seafood lovers the Fish Polichattu, grilled in fragrant banana leaf,  Crab prepared in a thick gravy sauce  is finger licking good. Hot Parottas wit Kingfish Mango curry is not to be missed. If you are a tea lover then the Biriyani chai is unlike anything you’ve tasted before. For the ones with a sweet tooth Elaneer payasam, which is made from  tender coconut juice and milk will have you ordering a few more.