“A great recipe is like an immortal tune, it happens but only a few times in ones life” - Asha Bhosle


Asha’s, the name is iconic and the restaurant is built around the legendary Indian artist Asha Bhosle, a quintessential cook at home whose passion is to prepare food with love. The restaurant is one of our favorites for Indian cuisine, a classic, being the foremost Indian fine dining establishments in Dubai. The ambiance boasts of elegance with a contemporary interior; sleek cocktail bar, sophisticated dining areas, yesteryear photos of the artists life, warm-soothing lighting and splashes of art - pure magic and we can never get enough of it.

The restaurant is celebrating a special menu, ‘INDIA’S PRIDE’- the unparalleled Biryani and Kebab menu, available in Ashas at Wafi from 1st August 2016, to 31st October, 2016.  The special menu is showcasing recipes perfected by Asha Bhosle and her team of chefs who travelled to the nations great festivals to find inspiration for the menu.

Signet Ring crew had the pleasure of sampling bites of this special fare - the offering is flavorful without being cloyingly heavy and it even delivers well.

Signet Ring Seals : The smoky sensation - Bhatti ka Chaap, juicy, piping hot from the grill, boneless chicken leg marinated in a mix of spices and yoghurt, finished in the tandoor. It prides in incredible depth of flavor and is infused with gusto!! 

Price- DHS 77

Served in an extravagant Silver Tagine, an unparalleled masterpiece - Chamandi prawn Biriyani which has prawns cooked in coconut cilantro pesto with lemon juice and coconut milk. This speciality has the rice taking on the flavors of the seasoning and resulting in a heart-warming aromatic cuisine. 

Price- DHS 115

Vegetarians are not left out here, the Kofta Kham Khatai, which is Crispy fried bottle gourd and potato hash patties, pan tossed with tamarind chutney, ginger and fennel is a clear stand. Although bottle gourd is not a popular pick, this recipe takes all that mindset out and gives you fresh insight into how chefs can create magic with some humble ingredients.

Price- DHS 42

Choosing an Indian fine dining restaurant can be a daunting task when you consider the plethora of options springing up in the city. Ashas is not devoted to the craft of molecular gastronomy, like the fad around town. Authentic flavors, comfort classics and the main ingredient being passion rules the table here. If you pine for tantalizing recipes delivered using traditional and innovative cooking styles combined with a rich experience of Indian dining, this is the spot to hit!