Find yourself dining on top of the world overlooking a stunning city skyline and the palm with a menu designed to whet the appetite. We dined at the much acclaimed At.mosphere, the fine dining restaurant and lounge, located on Level 122 of the iconic Burj Khalifa. The elegant and spacious dining room and lounge command a panoramic view of the city while you encounter something seemingly unique in the worlds highest restaurant 

The restaurant has introduced an exquisite lunch market menu. Choicest flavors, quality products, flavor pairing and Chef Christopher’s creativity are what makes this new menu special. Chef Christopher, who brings over 15 years of experience at leading Michelin-starred restaurants and 5 star hotels in the UK and Middle East came across as friendly, insightful and incredibly passionate about his food and craft.

The menu has an array of delicacies with premium rare ingredients from the best of sea and land and the icing on the cake is the affordable price point for the novelty dining it offers.

SignetRing Seals: House Smoked Ocean Trout with an interesting twist of flavor pairing which saw beetroot, mascarpone and fennel pollen all in a plate with visual elements artistically blending.

Wild Sea Bass for the main course, is a hearty offering with baby squid and carpet shell clams. With colors to reflect the season, layers adding depth and a sauce to frame the focal point, this dish not only topped in flavors but also in the art of plating.


 When you have a chance to see beyond the predicability of the mundane and discover an experiential dining unlike any other, why would you not give this AT.MOSPHERE a try. A definitive must have experience for residents and tourists alike. 

WHAT : Market Lunch Menu

When: Daily / 12:30pm to 2:30pm 


Two course Market Lunch Menu - AED 225 per person

Three-course Market Lunch Menu - AED 295  per person

Four-course Market Lunch Menu - AED 365  per person

For reservations, please call 04 8883828 or email