Cafe Bateel

Cafe Bateel has been synonymous for superior quality dates, olive oil and a go-to-spot for strong coffee aficionados. I feel distinctly proud to admit i strategically choose Bateel when I need a caffein fix. The hidden truth behind my choice is simple - i cant wait to team my coffee with Bateels OH-SO-Famous ‘Bateel sticky toffee pudding’- warm date pudding served with butterscotch reduction and yogurt ice-cream. How Glorious is this pairing! If you have not tried it, you ought to. 


If you have not visited the Cafe you might be wondering : Do they serve real food? Baffled! You are not alone, I just discovered they do! This is not just a venue dedicate tofancy-coffee and seriously amazing desserts. Signet Ring crew did a taster session of the new innovative Summer Seasonal Menu. The menu includes a fine selection of hearty soups, salads, sandwiches, main courses and desserts. 


Signet Ring Seals: Grilled beef medallions with basil riso pasta enhanced with five spice jus. An impressive dish which tastes simple but special. The riso pasta that accompanied it tasted luscious, creamy with a brilliant green color and flavor of fresh basil.


I have a strange obsession for cheesecakes and have triedmany interpretations of this classic dessert. This, however, was my first time date with aYuzu Cheesecake; Baked cheesecake on hazelnut streusel and glazed with a clean bright Yuzu (a citrus fruit from Japan) marmalade layer. The citrus cuts through the sweetness balancing the dessert and the hazelnut adds a smooth malty flavor. Not face-puckering zesty, but perfectly smooth and light with a tang. Love it!


This is a Cafe centrally located in various spots around town dedicated to carefully prepared coffee, quality gifts and food offering too. Stock up on presents and grab a bite here- your tummy will thank us!