Food lovers like me would agree, to soak up authentic flavors and to feed your soul, you need to hit a street food corner  or a hawker's market. What if you could pack up modern presentations and techniques with street style soul food into one destination. I was elated to discover this is exactly what Ceviche, the latest Peruvian restaurant in Dubai has to offer. Conceptualized by Lima-born Sous-Chef and Founder Percy Cubas, Ceviche is headed by Chef Gonzalo Alberto, who is also instrumental in developing and implementing the idea from the early stages. In Peru authentic Peruvian food comes from streets – Street Huarique Style as they call it. Dubai however is a city where the majority appreciate elegant and gourmet culinary options. With humble ambiance, Ceviche combines ‘Street Huarique Style’ with contemporary culinary techniques, offering two contrasting styles under one roof and is the first of its kind in the UAE. 


Signet Ring Seals: Chicha Morada, a refreshing Peruvian punch. - This relic drink is not fermented but boiled with Purple Corn infused with pineapple rinds, cinnamon, clove and lime. Intriguing with deep purple color, this drink boast of fruity and spiced flavors which is a cross between a mulled wine and melted Popsicle. I admit, I am a fan of both!


Although ceviche will hold sway over the seafood scene in Peruvian cuisine, an Arroz con Marisco, a colorful Peruvian rice with mixed seafood is a close second to the popular dish. With impeccable consistency, color and crunch, the Arroz Con Marisco offered at Ceviche ticks all the boxes for the perfect comfort food that keeps you craving for another bowlful. If you fancy Paella, this is one you need to try at Ceviche. The flavors were nothing short of amazing!



 Open from 11:30am to 10:00pm from Saturday to Wednesday and from 11:30am to 11:00pm on Thursday and Friday.