Setting Boundaries

As a little princess in my home I grew up watching Hush Puppies and Mickey Mouse. As I sit down with my 4year old skipping cartoon channels I am telling myself, “Gone are the days of clean entertainment”. Kid friendly channels like Cartoon Network are no longer safe with its "adult" programming. But as we have learned that it’s not safe to hand a knife to a five-year-olds, we need to address the dangerous effects of allowing kids to view violent and profane viewing material. Setting boundaries with my kids of what they can watch and read has not been the easiest task, but one that still needs reminder and enforcing. My quest ever since has been to identify value based movies, cartoons, channels and books for my kids to enjoy. Here is my favorite pick : Cartoons:

Thomas and Friends, Bob the builder, Franklin and Friends,  Daniel Tigers neighborhood, Veggie Tales, Dora, Winey the Pooh.


Educational city, Cbeebies, Woodland primary,  PBS


Finding Nemo, Ice age,  Cars,  Sound of Music,  Babe,  The chronicles of Narnia(for older kids)


Dinosaur Farm, Curious George,  Dr Seuss,  Bernstein Bear, Operation Alphabet, Chronicles of Narnia(for older kids)