Teach them to read while they are young

read One of the most exciting and rewarding phases in Parenting, for me, has been reading to my little ones. I started as early as when the bun was baking in the oven. Throughout my pregnant phase, I read to all 3 of my babies in the womb. I chose to read positive reading material of which ‘The Bible’ is my favorite. At any age group when you choose to read with your child choose a time when they are in the best mood and when you are too. Look for interactive ways to engage your child in reading. Yes! It might require of you to get out of your shell and to behave and sound like a fool.

With my Toddlers, I started with differentiating sounds and words. A child finds it fascinating as they learn to make a connection between a ‘COW’ and ‘MOO MOO’. The next phase is to recognize an alphabet with their sound. For this, I would use flash cards and alphabet books. For learning sounds a great resource I use is ‘Jolly Phonics’ on YouTube, they are the best. Once they recognize the sound they can combine letters to sound the word. Once the child learns a few words then ‘Sight Words’ can be used. I use Picture books and the Internet provided you with innumerable resources for the same. Reading to your child a bedtime story or their favorites fairy tale is the best way you could gain their interest. If you are ever lost for ideas for the perfect gift for your child, run to grab a storybook and I can assure you, you will never regret that decision. You have in your hands a genius in the making, it is up to you to mold and inculcate this amazing habit.