Grieving Moms on Mothers Day

While there are many things i can chalk down, this is one of the hardest! How do mothers who have endured the greatest pain, a still birth, a miscarriage, a sunshine whose giggle and play they will never hear and behold again grapple with the absence and void in their heart. On Mothers day as we receive those cute cards and praises let's not fail to remember those mamas who we know are battling despair. I have been through three miscarriage myself and it was one of the coldest seasons I braved out. There have been days I have dreamed about holding my 3 little angels that never made it to earth, but some day will welcome me on the golden shores across the bridge. This mothers day i know of a few mommies who have endured the worst pain, who have held their precious children here in this world but will never again feel their warmth as they have gone too soon. I hold so closely in my heart all those recently bereaved moms. You may have another child, but that does not take away the pain of a great loss and mothers day may always remain as one of those bitter-sweet days to live through. I honor those incredible women who carry in their heart love and memories, who pick themselves up and live again. The tears in the dark, the cracks in the heart, one who has withstood the unthinkable and emerged as a survivor. To you i pay respect!

Remember to write a note or visit a grieving mommy-friend and acknowledge their mother-heart. Let them know they are loved, precious and that you care. A little support can go miles to brave the hardest of days.