10 Beautiful lessons I have learned from my kids.

As parents, we aspire to teach kids life lessons. But most often we look past the truth that there is so much we can learn from them. As a mom of 3 boys, I can now say that motherhood has made me a better person and shaped me to be who I am today. I look at life and the world around me with brighter eyes and an open heart.

Here is a list of beautiful lessons my kids have taught me. 

  1. Find pleasures in little things . Savor every morsel of that cotton candy and look like you have just had the finest experience ever.
  2. Never Give up, keep trying even it it means you fall off a baby cot and bump yourself.

3.Every moment you have is an opportunity you have to make the most of it. Have fun, experience something magical and live in the moment. Enjoy dancing in the rain.

4. Live in wonderment. Explore the world around you and find beauty in it, even if it means to crawl on the beach, get dirt to scoop out that one little shell.

5. Cuddles and Kisses can be one of the greatest medicines. How a boo can seem less painful with just a kiss.

6. Forgive easily. You could go from “I am not your friend" to "you are the best brother ever” in one minute.

7. Being funny, silly and some good giggles  is way better than screaming, shouting and being a serious ol’ grump.

8. Be Brave. The waves are not a force coming to sweep you away under, rather one you can ride and have the most fun time.

9. Curiosity is a beautiful thing. Never hesitate to ask why and to keep on asking..till you get an answer.

10. Learn to trust and not doubt. You could jump off a railing and know that Daddy will have you tight in his hands with the perfect catch.