Hot TOT Kids Hair Care Line

As a mom of boys, I’ve scouted near and far for some safe, sulfate free, effective hair-styling products for my lil tribe . Who does not love to have their lil tots look dapper in some spikes, structured or wet-styled look. I’m glad there is a mom out there whose line of thought matches mine. Megan Gage, struggled to find a hair product that was safe to use in an infant and went about experimenting with baby lotions and pomades. After many months of encouragement from moms who shared fondness for her son’s hairdo, she assembled a team and set out to develop safe hair products for babies - this marked the birth of 'HOT Tot' Products and Hair care line.

Hot Tot has just been launched at 'Be Bar’, Jumeirah. At the launch, my lil models had the privileged to be styled and photographed. I have personally had the opportunity to play around with ‘Structure Whip’ and ’Styling Gel’ and i have to admit, they have me won over! The ’Structure Whip’ i noticed added structure and definition without drying out my lil studs hair. This features Aloe Vera Gel, Sweet Almond oil and Shea Butter. The ‘Styling Gel’, gave a medium hold with a definitive sheen adding volume. This product features Japanese Green Tea for hydration and sheen.

I’ve finally said ‘NO’ to diluting hubby’s Hair Wax with water!

PS: Hot Tot products are available for purchase at ‘Be Bar’. For more info follow them on Facebook and instagram: @hottotdubai