Balloonee Helium baloons party

My oldest and middle boy celebrated their birthdays last weekend. Abhishek who turned 9 wished for his closest friends to come over home and to have a backyard outdoor games party. My middle boy who turns 6 chose multicolored helium balloons for his birthday just like in the movie 'UP'

Abhishek had his best party with his closest friends in our backyard. 


My middle boy, Nickys wish came true with Balloonee. – Make your own balloons. 


Whats great about Balloonee:

  1. You do not have to worry about transporting pre-inflated balloons in your car anymore.
  2.  They come at a cheaper cost than buying bunches of helium balloons (Standard kit at Aed 129, comes with a tank, 30 balloons and string)
  3. Needs no special assembling, just need to turn a nozzle to on/off position
  4. User friendly, where children themselves can fill up balloons and have fun as a group.
  5. This is a light-weight and safe option for kids (meets safety standards)
  6. Looks cheerful with the small cylinder sporting a cute yellow mascot
  7. The tank can be easily disposed with no danger associated to it.

Balloonee kit can be purchased at :

No need to break your bank paying an arm and a leg for a bunch of helium balloons. Balloonee offers 'Happy in a box' for your party fun needs. I will definitely be banking on them  to raise our fun bar for our future festive and birthday events too.