Our Photoshoot experience with Studio77

A photo shoot is not just about some make-up, your best outfit and feeling beautiful, but it’s more about seeing the best in you and your loved ones captured while experiencing some authentically fun moments.

My lil boy tribe and I, experienced an entirely bespoke-fun session shooting our ‘Cocoon to Butterfly Parenting blogger’ shots with Studio 77 (newly rebranded from what was previously known as Picture People). I quite like the new contemporary look and feel to this space. They have also added outdoor and events shoots to their existing portfolio, which is just brilliant considering the scene in Dubai.

I am an avid picture crazy mommy. I have memories of my kids teething to walking all captured with my smartphone, but a portrait of memorable moments shot by a skilled photographer is unlike anything that’s possible to create with digital equipments you own. I cannot recollect the last time i’ve seen my kids more wired and exploding with energy like on the day of our photoshoot (wonder if it was all the easter eggs they gobbled or just a crazy bug that entered them!!) What I was surprised was not with my kids behaving like looney’s (I see that often enough that i’m acclimatized to those behaviors) I was pleasantlytaken back by the immense patience Adelle (the designated photographer) displayed and how she played along to capture the best out of their madness while making it fun and enjoyable. I look at the images now and every shot invokes happy emotions and i’m certain to all those who view these, it will bring smiles reminding the joys of motherhood and parenting.

All I can say is folks at Studio 77 really have the ability to bring out the best in anyone. The pictures speaks for itself.