My ridiculously fun projects

From when i was young and the times I played with dolls, loved combing long hair and setting tables, I assumed I would end up with daughters. Then I would see my wild side, where I loved to jump off aircrafts, hike and ab-sail and wondered... hmmm who will share this madness. Along came an equally mad or even crazier husband and he complements my wild side, like none-other. I have come to a new realization in life. I was made to parent boys...they are my ridiculously fun projects.

My lil fellas who has all the makings to be a tribe discovering the wild, tried out Zip-Lining for the first time in their life. Vivanta by Taj ( Madikeri, Coorg, India) offers a 450 yard Zip-line adventure experience in partnership with Muddy Boots adventure company. The boys whizzed across a river, strawberry patches and paddy field  before they were caught and helped down to the ground. Watch them in action in the video below. This is Cocoon to Butterfly's first vlog, kindly encourage us by LIKING AND SUBSCRIBING OUR YOU TUBE VIDEOS.