Funny little sillies from my boys


Little boys in particular seem to come up with the funniest things to say. Ive compiled the craziest and unexpected funnies that my tribe have come up with , sure to give you a smile.

*Recently my middle boy Nicky was taken into see a Dermatologist (A 50+ year old man). The doctor noticed Nicky was a bit nervous to be at the doc, so to calm him down he asked him if he had a girl friend and Nicky replied, " no i don't but I'm sure you have one doctor" ..the doc looked at me and responded, I hope he never meets my wife.

*When my oldest boy AB was 4 and his bestie 5 , i took them on a ride to a kids club, with virgin radio playing on full blast. All at once my boy turns to his friend and screams.."Oh my God! they used the 'F' word!!! "His friend Emma says no, I did not hear them say that and Virgin radio never puts out bad words. Now i am more intrigued to know how does my 4 year old know this word. The music goes on playing and he screams again "Emma see, they used the 'F WORD' ". So she turn to him and states.."ok, i didn't hear it. What is the word ? " At this moment my legs are shaking thinking I'm going to hear my 4 year old boy spit out a nasty word. Abhiskek turns to her and with a disgusted look states "they said STUPID"..she responded " if that was the 'F word’ it would be FUFID“. He insists that she has no idea and that is a F word. They both continue arguing with absolutely no idea what the word in question is, but certain there is a ‘F word’. I sigh in relief and say Thank you Lord, i didn’t have to hear the nasties from my 4 year old!

*When my lil Nicky boy was younger I was teaching him the concept of Good people go to heaven and if you do evil you go to hell. Nicky looked straight at me in the eye and said "God is so mean, why didn't he have a thinking chair for punishment". I seriously did not have a come back to that one as he was too quick with his response.

*My youngest, Lil Meru when he was 3, decides to empty my lingerie chest and puts all my bras around his neck and parades. My 4 year old Nicky goes up to him and says these are not Necklaces Meru. They are for girls..they are underwears for the bummies on their chest.

*My oldest AB, when he was younger used to clean up his room, help me put away items and always asked me mom what will i get for doing this ? I always responded to him saying 'my heart'. One day he cleaned up his room real good and said, Are you going to give me some pocket money for this and i told him you have all of my love and heart; he replied, give that to daddy and you can start giving me some money.. ok then!

*My youngest, Meru who is 5, who is super attached to me even to this day says "mom, i am not getting married" i say "why love" to that he always says because i don't want to leave you and go. I tell him, na boy, you will grow up find a fine lady and will want to marry her one day and you should. So recently he told me, ok mumma i'll find someone nice and get married, but will you give me that ring with the stone that you have, and can my wife also come to your room when she has nightmares". Say whaaaaaaat!!!!