Activities to keep kids mentally challenged this summer

Activities to keep kids mentally challenged this summer

Whether you decide to set out on a family escape this summer or choose not to travel, here is a list of activities to keep your kids mentally challenged and to preserve your sanity as parents. The below suggested activities are fun for all age groups and helps kids reinforce their learning or explore something new. I personally have included some of the activities in our summer schedule and boy oh boy! they have not just been a life saver but a fun, bonding experience to share with kids.


1. Get kids to compile a ‘Daily Diary’ or a ‘Trip Diary’ -  At the end of the day get kids to write down the highlights of the day on a fun book or colored papers that can be puttogether to make a personal diary. If you are away on holiday get kids to journal or draw out the daily adventures and fun finds on the trip.


2. Encourage your children to create or invent their own recipe and make recipe cards - Cooking with kids maybe a messy affair, however, if you choose to overlook the mess you will discover how creative kids can get with putting simple ingredients together to create something interesting and yummy. If you are looking for easy step by step recipes for cooking with kids, there are a variety of resources available online. Here is my favorite pick.

3. Create a Scrapbook- Collect and Press wild flowers, dry leaves from your travels between the pages of a book and add to the scrap book. Add souvenirs and ticket stubs from your trips and include photographs of your visits to interesting spots.


4. Visit a farm or a zoo. Write down interesting facts about different animals like food they enjoy, life span, categories they fall into. Pick your favorite animal, make him the lead character of your story and include other animal characters in the plot of your story.


5. Start a book club with friends and close group around. Swap books and discuss authors. Parents can read to smaller kids and have a group discussion of the moral and learnings from the book. Have a chart to track the books they read. 


6. Help kids create their own game and play along making it a family affair. Indulge in board games like Pictionary, Scrabble, Monopoly, UNO etc.


7. Encourage kids to play learning games, puzzles, print out coloring sheets and educational material to keep them challenged. Here is my favorite online resources.