A children's charity to support


A real life story of my friend Sara and why celebrating her 30th with strangers was the best decision.

Sara Pashaei a Dubai based PR manager and a dear friend shares with me how a trip to Kenya changed her world and how it translated to her setting up a fundraiser to provide scholarship funding for primary school students in Nairobi, Kenya.  Sara tells me, her volunteer trip to Kenya had been booked with the intention to teach the children of Bright Star Montessori Learning Center. And no doubt about it, there was a whole curriculum of teaching, from morning till late-afternoon, but early on throughout her journey it became evident that she was the one to leave with the biggest lesson of them all. A lesson so important, no classroom practice could ever come close to its core. A life-long teaching of love, life, laughter and gratitude. And this is why celebrating her 30th birthday with strangers was the best decision she has ever made. 

In this city we work so hard and it calls for spoiling ourselves with fashionable clothing, fine dining, exotic vacations and more. I am not against the idea of splurging occasionally to enjoy the life that passes you by so quickly--but what would happen if you choose to spoil a less fortunate instead? Giving your time, money and resources is highly rewarding and improves another life. Taking into consideration the scale of poverty and need, we might wonder; will my pocket change make a significant difference? You don't have to feature on the world rich list to make a difference.  Small contributions pooled together ends up bringing about significant impact.

This is one charity you should know about and support

Which Charity ? 

The Bright Star Montessori Learning Center, Nairobi, Kenya supports orphans and children of  single parents with basic and educational needs. However the center faces challenges and lacks adequate support to meet the ever increasing needs of the kids at hand. Sara's  fundraiser seeks to provide scholarship funding to primary school students at  this learning center.

What is an amount i could look at donating?

A contribution as little as Aed 60 could pay for one child's food, tuition, school resources and uniform for an entire month.

How can i donate?

Donate on the charity website : CLICK HERE

What other ways can i support?

Share the cause on social media to raise awareness and pave way for friends and family to contribute.