Pregnant and Stylish on a budget

With my first pregnancy, I started exploring my maternity fashion and budget options and below i share my findings. I should admit that i traveled extensively during my 1st pregnancy which also gave me an opportunity to score some great buys from across the globe.

              (This is a regular summer dress picked up on sale from American Eagle which cost AED 90/-) 

To Do's

1. Make an inventory of your closet-  Take a hard look at your closet to see if you own pieces of clothing in there that will work. A tunic or empire waist dress, flowing tops, stretchy pants, tights and leggings. 

2. Shop smart-  Consider shopping for outfits that are wearable post pregnancy too. Instead of shelling a fortune on maternity stores opt for your favorite high street store and look for clothing one size larger than your regular size. Pick button downs that will be beneficial post pregnancy for nursing, empire cuts, flowing and legging style.

3. Score the sales - If you've been eyeing all the exorbitant priced outfits on the window of a celebrated maternity store, wait before you take the leap towards a desperate purchase. You can still own at least a few. There is always a sale coming up.

4. Save up for an investment purchase- Allow yourself the opportunity to get extravagant on one or two baby shower, maternity shoot or a special occasion dress. Save up for it and shop guilt free. You absolutely deserve it! Splurge also on one piece of well fitted and comfyjeans, work pants or a good quality leggings. It will be used and reused and the money spent will add good value.

5. Hand me downs - If your bestie or a great friend has bid adieu to her maternity season you can always approach her and borrow her maternity clothes.  Ensure to take extra care and return them in good condition.

6. Choose good quality nursing bra's- For the last trimester i suggest that you invest in nursing bras that offer support and can be used after delivery for nursing. If you pick this early in your pregnancy, go for 2 sizes plus what you are currently. Choose silicon underwire or just a good support stitch. Do not opt for metallic and hard underwire's and heavy padding. Support and comfort is the name of the game. I collected mine on sale (in my first trimester) from Destination Maternity and Triumph.

7. Get colourful and accessorize- Do not limit yourself to drabs and neutral pallet. Alternating between colorful scarfs and a bright neckpiece can add variety and splendor to your block colored tees, topsand dresses.  Color and accessories add sparkle ,lifts your pregnant spirit and perks up any outfit.

Not to Do's

1.  Steer clear of carrying tiny hand bags- They make you look oversized . Opt for larger bags to complement your growing bump, but ensure to keep the bag light for comfort.

2. Avoid sporting crop jackets- They make you look like midgets who ate way too many cheeseburgers.

3. Abstain from baggy clothes - You can opt a size bigger, but baggy is just so wrong and does no justice to showing off your  pregnant curves. Its deceptive and makes you look like a tent, larger than you really are.

4. Refrain from short shirts that reveal the orb and hot pants that ride up-  It calls for constant adjusting and it steals the grace and charm of gazing at a beautiful pregnant lady.

5. Super High heeled footwear is a NO NO- However stylish it may sound, rocking in super high heels is not just dangerous to yourself and the baby but is painful, uncomfortable and makes you look plain funny. An inch and a half is the limit. 

6. Expensive stretch mark creams are just a marketing gimmick-  You do not have to fall into pressure of having to shell a fortune on those high end creams to avoid the marks. There a natural and effective substitutes such as olive, coconut or vitamin e oil. Drink lots of water and eat healthy which will boost your skin's elasticity and keeps you away from the marks.

Whatever your personal fashion preference may by, remember to adorn confidence and a smile. No matter what- you are BEAUTIFUL. You are carrying the greatest gift, the miracle of life. Look deep, there is beauty within you, let it radiate to the outward and make your spirit and fashion shine. Love being pregnant, Love being fashionable, Love being you!