'Raising Arrows' Parenting Conference -Part 2

The Blog 'Cocoon to Butterfly'  hosted the second of its series of conference on wholesome parenting 'Raising Arrows' on 18th June 2016, at Sky Lounge, Gloria Hotel. The key note speaker was Andalene Salvesen a.k.aSuper Granny, an internationally acclaimed parenting coach, speaker and author. The event was planned and coordinated by the event planning service 'Sherrie's Lounge'.


Cocoon to Butterfly blog is on a mission to build nurturing family units through the equipping of parents and the refocussing on the glory and impact of intentional parenting on a child and subsequently a nation. The conference saw parents from different walks of life in attendance, returning as parents with purpose... equipped with effective tools and practical steps to be empowered parents. The third part of the conference is scheduled for September 2016.


Below is the highlights from ‘Raising Arrows’ Parenting Conference June 2016.