Rearing Kids with values

"To educate a person in mind and not morals is to educate a menace to society."

-Theodore Roosevelt


I hit an interesting conversation with a group of moms at school. One of the mommies was sharing with the group and seeking help to cope with a competitive mommy friend who is on her neck to see how her child is fairing and how many activities she has enrolled her kid in. Her competitive mommy friend gets palpitations if her child’s progress record is not steady as a top performer or if progress is not pictured in an upward linear angle. The child is bombarded with after-school activities that he isn’t grabbed by, giving the child (who is in primary school) zero opportunity to enjoy some down time. The tad time the mom gets with her child at school pick-ups she is seen shooting out questions to gage if her kid is reading plenty and where he stands compared to his peers. Now what surprised me beyond words was none of the above. I was dumbfounded to learn that this parent was furious with the teacher for having her child sit with a ‘non-superior race’ and ‘non high-achievers’. Her argument being, she spent all this money and sent her child to a ‘Superior School’ to have her kid learn from a ‘Superior race’ and sit alongside 'Superior race' (This is the mom's words). Who is a ‘Superior race'?? I wonder!! I thought we are all humans running the same race on planet earth. I wish we all taught our children that every human being is a superior creation and there is none inferior to us.

Mind you this comment is coming from an expat mom who lives in a tolerant country and has chosen a fine International school flooded with over 80 nationalities. I am appalled at the sound of her comment!! The stuff of superiority complex, racism, colonialism still exist in this day and age in such a progressive society. These ugly flaws that birth wars and genocide still exist in our midst!! I have to say this is a rare occasion and a rare finding for me and i hope there are not many parents who’s line of thought function like this.

The truth is values matter more than education. There are enough negative forces out there in the world to influence our children with the bad and the ugly. It is up to us parents to instill good values in our children before we even introduce them to formal education. Every child deserves to be taught, but let us start with tolerance, kindness, honesty, ethics, good sportsman spirit and more…