Travel light in the New Year

travel Thank you for your continued readership, for taking moments out of your schedule to read the musings of my heart. Here is me pouring out my heart of appreciation, fitting considering we have embarked on a New Year. Honestly when I started out, I was'nt sure if anyone would stop to read one post... My desire to write came from a passion to infuse hope, hope in a world that seems to be constantly hopeless. Today I stand to testify how this journey has allowed me to discover new grounds and allowed me to connect, influence, and foster friendships I never imagined possible; I am honored!

As 2016 has rolled out, many of us are on a road, ready to welcome a fresh start. The past year might have offered failures, disappointments and regrets. You might find yourself flipping back the pages to reflect what went wrong, who hurt you and why you failed. It might have been a rough start for your journey, but how you finish will really tell your story. Today  i am here to share a secret of traveling light. The heavier your baggage, the greater your struggle to move ahead in your journey. SO LEARN TO TRAVEL LIGHT. Check your bag's to see if it is filled with regret, resentment, bitterness, betrayal, guilt, condemnation and negativity. At the start of the year let us take some time to unpack our bags so that we make better progress in our journey. I also encourage each of you to chart out a navigation map for your journey. In the map, have a list of people you want to journey with and make intentional attempts to spent quality time with them. Have the destinations circled out for where you want to journey or what you want to achieve, and circle the process or the road that will get you to your destination. Lastly, JOURNEY IN THE SPEED OF LOVE.  Have a blessed New Year!