Review on Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner


A home abounding with love and laughter is where the happy heart thrives.  A home brimming with clean air and crisp space is where a happy lung thrives. As World Asthma day is approaching on 5th May 2015, I would like to draw your attention to the quality of the air you breathe. Is your home a breeding ground to microscopic pests posing health hazards? Statistics state one in five children in the UAE are asthmatic whilst 40% of children in the UAE suffer from allergic rhinitis. Let’s not wait for the environment around our home, which we have control over to adversely affect our children’s health. It’s time we give clean air a thought.

Cleaning the home is a mammoth task to some and a productive experience to others. The obsessive cleaning bug bites not every one, but if you have for yourself the German state of the art Kobold range of vacuum cleaner then cleaning becomes an obsession and a joy ride. I had the unique opportunity to witness a live demonstration of the product range at a breakfast event hosted by {4WORK}. I am so impressed by this ‘WOW product’ that it left me ranting away to my family and friends ever since. There is no other way to describe Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaners other than sophisticated, innovative, lightweight and user friendly. I have always thought to myself, if I could get my hands on a cleaning system that is fast, remarkable quality, efficient, and value for money then it would be my wish upon a star come alive. Looks like I have landed my perfect cleaning match or rather my quest has ended. This one is on my wish list for certain!

I had the opportunity to witness this powerful yet inaudible vacuum suck up loose dirt and mop rebellious stains making the task of wet and dry cleaning done away at the same time and at ease. I had a go myself with trialing it and what I love most about this 'wonder machine' is that it is amazingly stylish (Oh I can't contain my love for all things classy!!!). It is seriously lightweight yet agile (3kg, which gave my 3 year old a chance to try his hand at vacuuming). The handle could be adjusted making it posture friendly (Never have to worry over a stiff back after cleaning…Bliss!). The swivel system makes it effortless to vacuum even the trickiest corners (Now this is innovation par excellence we are talking here). Another interesting observation I made was that only a scant of cleaning fluid (allergen free & biodegradable) mixed with water was used for cleaning. I was also impressed to note that the air, which the exhaust emits, is clean-filtered air unlike other brands. Now this is more than a valid reason to invest into this high quality cleaning system especially if you or your children are prone to or suffers from respiratory ailments.

It was also pure delight to experience the Kobold Robot machine navigate through with the aid of its inbuilt laser navigation system. I keenly watched as it handled obstacles at the same time sucked up peanuts off the floor. I was shown how the amazing roller brush system aids in removing hair and other loose substances. It operates on a self-docking system to recharge (we are talking cutting edge technology) and the system knows where it stopped and where to start next (How clever!). It can be programmed to operate to your convenience. Step out of the mess and come back to a clean and inviting fresh space.All of this without a touch of a finger!  If I owned one of these I would have it following my youngest boy (Technology at it’s best!)

The distributors for Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaners are {4WORK}.The CEO Gerlinde Krupp was present at the demonstration and came across as engaging and informative. Her team was on deck and formed a crucial part of the overall success of this experience. They educated me on the HEPA-filter present in the vacuum, which means it can collect and contain particles as fine as fine can be. They affirmed the gadget has a minimum life expectancy of 13 years and a warranty of 5 years.

The team demonstrated an 85-year-old Kobold machine that was still in pristine condition and doing its job just fine (Now this is quality beyond compare!).


Having worked in the service industry for several years and overseeing the same I believe in quality products and equally believe that after care service makes any company stand out from another. Gerlinda informed that they not only visit home for a free demonstration and educate on product operation but they also make sure they are quick at your service to fix any issues related to the vacuum or parts. I highly recommend scheduling a home visit where you will have the opportunity to witness the magic of Kobold vacuum cleaning system.

You can book at # +971 4-880 0268 or .I am not trying to hard sell, but believe me when I say you will be pleasantly shocked to see what this amazing gadget is capable of. I was wowed!!


Do I want one? Absolutely.

Do I need one? The investment to get my hands on one could be steep, so I would plan ahead and budget for the purchase. However it is great value for money spent. I absolutely love it. If I had it at home, I would be a super happy heart and I would use it every single day.

Final verdict:  'The Magic cleaning system' in all true sense with an outstanding performance. It sure creates a distinction for itself when compared with its competition.


Disclaimer: I was invited to a Product demonstration  for the purpose of this review. All content and comments are based on my own opinion and was not influenced by any external factors.