A Brighter Pregnant me!











I am here to remind every pregnant woman-‘Enjoy the journey of pregnancy, savor the moments’.  Your body has just been nominated for the next 40 weeks to be home for the greatest miracle to evolve inside of you. It’s hard not to marvel at the thought of that.

I absolutely love being pregnant.  I’ve always been naturally slim, could credit it to good genes, great metabolism, and to healthy eating habits. However, I have been fortunate and not slogged my way to sport the look.  I’ve carried 3 babies to full term and given birth, gaining overall 10 to 11 kilo’s for all pregnancies. Friends stated I was glowing and my husband often flattered me stating I was the most beautiful pregnant woman he’s laid his eyes on. You would think this would be affirmation enough for any woman to walk on clouds. Yet I had days I thought I was ugly, I was bulky and I was unattractive. For a lot of my friends out there who know me well enough, this would be a shocking statement to proceed from my mouth. The fact of the matter is, there were days I felt that way. Before I could get deeply entrenched in this lie I began to surround myself with positive words, positive music, and positive people. I stopped obsessing about my appearance and started channeling my energy to greater endeavors like building my family and my spirit.  It was only grace that allowed me to think straight and not get trapped and take a blow from this ‘Low self-esteem enemy’.

My attempt is to lead you to an amazing experience of having a new affection for your growing body. Choose to embrace your body than despise it. I understand it’s sometimes hard to look at yourself and you see a bit of a muffin top going on, your smooth bottom and thighs are graced with dimple galore, your hips have inflated like a balloon and the ‘glow’ is a dream but spots and stretches seem to be more of a reality. Let us admit it, not every woman gets to sport the picture perfect pregnant silhouette.  I believe a shift in thinking and small lifestyle changes can help us achieve a better physical image. I am all for eating healthy and engaging in a balanced fitness routine. But there will always be a cover page model, a movie star or an entertainer that catches our attention with the ‘All belly, no fat’ pregnant figure’ they sport, and BANG! there emerges the negative voice in the mind with its attempt to convince, stating 'you are unattractive'.  Be quick to navigate your mind away from the negativity rut, before being attacked by its brutal blow. Every pregnant woman is beautiful; no matter what size you wear, the bulging vein, the swollen feet, the gallons you pee. No matter what- you are BEAUTIFUL. Let nothing or no one snatch your moment away. You are carrying the greatest gift, the miracle of life. Look deep, there is beauty within you, let it radiate to the outward and make your spirit shine. Love being pregnant, Love being you!

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