Here's to the New Year!

Happy New Year! I wish all my readers a New Year filled with good health, new opportunities, much happiness and prosperity.  I just got back from an amazing vacation with my family. As I planned for this trip paying much attention to the smallest details, there was one thing that I kept reminding myself of and eventually tossed it to the back burner. This is about my decision to write a few posts in advance, which never happened due to my busy schedule. However after all the responses I got in my mail enquiring when to expect the next post and some asking if I abandoned the blog, I wish I were more organized with writing in advance. So here is a formal apology for not keeping up. When I started writing I was not sure if I would have 10 readers to my credit. In an era where intelligent reading material is readily available, I asked myself if I was convinced beyond a shadow of doubt if this is something that I should be investing my precious time into. With much careful consideration I moved forward with conviction. I have been blogging for 4 months and in this short period I am so overwhelmed and encouraged to notice the incremental readers on my stat page. Days after the blogs inception, as the numbers hit the 1000 mark and constantly grew I was surprised more than I was excited, to learn that a community was waiting to exist. This blog was not initiated with a motive for monitory gain or for self-promotion. This was birthed out of a dream to inspire and influence women in all walks of  life.  I am no expert in counseling and i am no life coach; I share my learnings from my every day experiences and experiences of people close to my heart  with the hope to bless. My take on life is not just to exist but rather to be purposeful, to thrive and to influence.

It has been truly rewarding to see the 'Cocoon to Butterfly Mother and Child Community' grow along side the blog. One of the most memorable moments from last year has been when a reader showed up to one of the C2B coffee mornings and introduced herself to me and said she loves to read what i write, follows the blog and wishes to be part of the group. Ever since that day we have grown as friends and she continues to be one of my biggest supporters. Another highlight of the past year was when i was invited  by a prominent school in UAE to address students on making the right choices in deciding their careers. As I travel and receive positive feedback, meet new readers and read responses from people of how this blog has impacted their life, I am so humbled and left thinking that someone as special as this actually reads my blog. I do not own any of this to take any glory. This was a dream deposited by my Creator above, He is the owner and He is the driving force. This has been my first attempt at writing and i am constantly making mistakes and learning as i go along. As i begin my journey in this New Year I would like to thank each one of my readers for entrusting me with that bit of your time, in your life. I appreciate the encouragement you give me through every like and  comment you  put up on the blog, the calls you make, the mails you send and the kind words you shower as compliments. This platform has taught me valuable lessons, given me a new purpose and is blooming to become something much larger that I could have ever imagined. I will not disclose much but leave you with a promise that there is much to look forward to here, in this New Year. Cheers to a brighter 2014 and a fruitful year of new beginnings to one and all!