Should we expose children to superheros

Do we expose children to Superhero's or not? There are conflicting views on this. Superhero-play, especially with little boys is inevitable. Totally banning them could lead to aggression in the long haul. In our household we have decided to introduce positive values as we guide and cheer on our adventurous little souls while they save the world from destruction and fight evil. I live with three superhero's, seven years and younger who go by distinguished names AB, Nicky and Merav. My youngest struts around creating webs at home in his blue and red Spidy costume (His latest birthday gift). He has hardly watched a spider man movie, but feels the part of a superhero. My oldest and middle child absolutely love their light saber battles. They have fostered deep friendship engaging in action-hero play and testing their physical limit. While my kids categorically love imitating larger than life characters, I do not take it lightly  that I am responsible to guide and advise them against trying out dangerous feats like jumping off buildings and walking into raging fire.

As my children enjoy this wave, I harness this passion through teachable moments and intentional discussions to introduce them to some real life superhero's like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Abraham Lincoln . Surprisingly the lil munchkins are curious to learn and all ears. I also prepare them to understand that a real life superhero can be some one ordinary with no special powers like their parents, teachers or next door neighbors.

Tips to foster healthy superhero play:

1. Explain to kids the difference between fantasy superhero's and real life heros

2. Help kids understand where to draw the lines when it comes to action play. Never to cross over to aggression and hostile language.

3. Allow them to enjoy an age appropriate superhero cartoon, but train them to stay grounded and not get lost in an imaginary world forever.

4. Show them the ropes to pick the good traits  like generosity, compassion, community help and chivalry from superhero's.

5. Enlighten them on life-skills: how to use power wisely while they learn to negotiate and cooperate, Identify right from wrong and fair from unfair.


As parents let's be a guiding force as kids' imagination soar up up and away!

Cocoon to Butterfly presents 'Raising Arrows'

The Blog 'Cocoon to Butterfly'  hosted its first conference on wholesome parenting 'Raising Arrows' on April 16th 2016, at the Cartoon Art Gallery. The key note speaker was Andalene Salvesen a.k.a  Super Granny, an internationally acclaimed parenting coach, speaker and author. The event was planned and coordinated by the event planning service 'Sherrie's Lounge'.

Shooting an arrow to a precise target requires developing skill, so it is with raising children, except these arrows will be the pillars of a nation, the voice of our collective future. The mission of the blog is to Encourage and Empower Moms with practical help and much needed cheering on to take on the most important yet challenging role of a mother. 

The conference saw mothers from different walks of life in attendance, returning as mothers with purpose... equipped with effective tools and practical steps to be the nurturers they were made to be! The second part of the conference is scheduled for July 2016.

Top 7 Mothers day experience in Dubai.

Are you racking your brains for a winning idea this mothers day? Whether you're  looking to escape with your daughter to a relaxing spa experience or to spoil mom with a sumptuous meal, we've got the top mom-friendly plans covered for you.

1. Picture People, Wasl Vita Mall, Jumeirah 1

Picture People UAE is a brand-new family photography studio located in Wasl Vita Mall, Jumeirah 1. The unique concept is the first store to open outside of North America and the only studio to offer same-day shoot and quality prints. Picture People are offering a very special Mother’s Day photography package.


For  1995 AED (usually 2555 AED) children can treat their leading ladies to an enjoyable photo session in the comfortable surroundings of the studio and under the direction of Picture People’s professional staff.

What’s more, they will walk away with a fabulous selection of images printed the same day on canvas, portrait sheets and USB.

Mother’s Day Offer

4 Colour Portrait Sheets

1 16x20 Canvas

3 View & Share images on USB

For more information visit:


2. Al Nafoorah, The Boulevard, Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Tantalise the taste buds with Al Nafoorah’s main course offering. All made to order and from the heart, just like mom would.
Round off the unforgettable meal with an assortment of traditional desserts, and the stage is set for a truly memorable Mother’s Day treat.
Al Nafoorah’s special Mother’s Day menu will be available on March 21st (UAE Mother's Day) for lunch and dinner. Priced at AED 120 per person (excluding beverages), mom’s meal is on the house when dining with three or more guests. The menu will also be available for the remainder of the week through to March 27th for both lunch and dinner.

For bookings or more information, please call 04 432 3232 or email


3. La Serre Bistro and Boulangerie, Ground Floor, Vida Downtown Dubai.


La Serre are planning a special afternoon of arts and crafts with local artist Jessica Watson-Thorp for the little ones to celebrate UAE Mother’s Day on the 21st March.


4. THE SPA,  in JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort

Indulge mom with a relaxing day of beauty at “ THE SPA” in JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort and show her how much she means to you.

Package Name: Mother & Daughter Day of Beauty

Package duration: 90 minutes

Package price: 1,200 (2 person)


Package includes:

Bliss Sugar Body Scrub x2

Stress relieve back, neck & shoulder Massage x 2

Elemis Purifying & Hydrating Facial x 2

Pool & Beach Access


5. PAUL Bakery & Restaurant


Moms eat for Free

All mums can eat breakfast or dinner for free in PAUL’s all over the UAE! This Mother’s Day all PAUL Bakery and Restaurants will be offering a complimentary continental breakfast for mums who visit any PAUL in the UAE with their family. If Mum isn’t a morning person, PAUL also gives you the chance to treat mum to a free dinner on Mother’s Day, where she can enjoy a salad or main course with a delectable dessert
·         Breakfast Promotion: 1 Complimentary Continental Breakfast
·         Lunch Promotion: Choice of 1 salad or main course & 1 dessert
Dates Mother’s Day (Monday 21st of March)

Locations: All PAUL Bakery & Restaurant locations (excluding the airport).


6. Raffles Dubai


Azur restaurant hosts a special Mother's Day lunch where a lady, accompanied by a full paying man, dines for free. On 21 March, 1pm to 4pm, sample a fair of traditional Arabic starters, scrumptious main courses, ouzi and live grill stations and home-style Arabic sweets for AED 200 per person.

7. Kosebasi, JBR The Walk
Moms eat for Free

All mums can have a complimentary set menu breakfast at Kosebasi in JBR The Walk. This Mother’s Day Kosebasi will be offering a sumptuous Turkish breakfast for mums who visit with their family!

Dates and Timings: Mother’s Day (Monday 21st of March) from 9 am to 1 pm.

Locations: Kosebasi at JBR The Walk




Little boys are little wonders

little wonders

I grew up believing I was a little princess and someday I would find my Prince charming and would be teeming with delightful little ones. I saw myself dressing little princesses in floral cottage dresses and cascading their hair with the perfect bow clips and fascinators. I dreamed of our colossal Christmas table where my girls and I would prepare the most delectable dishes and entertain with finesse. I envisioned teaching them how to accessories clothing and how to decorate a home. Oh the joys of being a girl!

In reality there are many days I feel like a princess trapped in a castle surrounded by hooligans and testosterones. Please do not misunderstand my ramblings. I love and adore my boys and I am ever grateful for them. There is not a chance in a million years that I would ever trade them for any other. However I never imagined of having to live in a house full of monkeys bouncing off stairs, beds and kitchen platforms and who care very little about equilibrium and balance. As for myself this princess of poise is caught very often-screaming “seat-up, seat-down, flush, wash, boogers on tissue not on t-shirt, dirty feet’s off couch”. When I finally sit down I find myself giving them a class on decorum of how they should not be running around naked screaming words like, ‘butt and fart’. My shopping list involves kids body wash and kids toothpaste on every trip. You can imagine why. As a mother who monitors the cartoons my kids watch, I am still trying to get my head around to understand why does a hanger turn into a gun, a balloon into a bomb and a spatula into a sword. What is so fascinating about battles and wars as opposed to doll houses that involves nurturing and loom bands that involve creativity. I look at the limitless energy my boys have and think; I have in my home the answer, the source to our world ‘s energy crisis. Some days can be relentless, overwhelming and exhausting. I tell myself “Breathe in and breathe out” and I say a little prayer and hope that I am gifted every day with a little more portion of patience.

I was that person who went through the throbbing pain of miscarriages and childlessness. I was that person who cried to God to bless me with a child. I would give up anything for this mischief, fun and laughter. So does any of this justify my grievance and annoyance? I agree it is not possible to enjoy every moment. Especially as a mother of little boys you need to be endowed with constant supply of energy and motivation. There may be days I may not enjoy and treasure every moment but I have decided that I will enjoy my boys. I have resolved to lay down standards of raising them that are not measurable. I am determined to refrain from saturating my mind with the infinite legions of instructions that the world has to offer on raising ‘proper organic children’.

There are a few things I have learned in my trek of raising boys and  am beginning to recognize is universal truth.

  1. Boys are born to explore. So quit trying to contain their energy.
  2. Boys are created as boys so they will be boisterous and often messy. Get used to noise and dirt. Teach them where and when it is appropriate to indulge in ‘dirt art’ as I call it and to be loud and noisy.
  3. Boys enjoy being funny. Polish your sense of humor and laugh along with them.
  4. Boys do not multitask just like men do not. So stop screaming out endless lists such as tidy up, change into PJ’s, brush your teeth and into bed. Learn to give one instruction at a time and follow up. Oh, did I mention not to forget praising them for a job well done. They love it.
  5. Boys love to be loved. They may not always be expressive but they sure love it when you spent time with them, when you attempt to answer the trillion questions they shoot out, and when you put them to bed with cuddles and kisses.

Little boys are little wonders

Little boys are little wonders, filled with charm, and joy they render.

Two small arms and tiny fingers, someday they’ll stand tall and conquer.

With power packed like fire crackers, they are messy with their cars and tractors.

They hide in bushes, swing on trees, they are hard to find but they are one of a kind.

They are every mothers dream come true; cherish every bear hug as they shout out ‘I love you’.

Sneha Cherian




Event:Register for C2B PotLuck

Calling all moms to be and moms in Dubai with children (Babies to teenagers) who are interested in stepping out with your kids for some fun time. Here is an opportunity to socialize and make lifelong friendships for yourself and your children. We are a group of moms who get together  with our children once a month for a coffee morning, play-date or  just a casual hangout where we have some great conversations. This month we invite you to join us in a PotLuck Get-togethere, details of which are given below. Kindly register if interested. The best is FREE!!

Looking forward to meeting all you Mommies and Kiddos!