Adoption is life-giving, it is generous-giving and it is satisfying.

I would encourage all my readers to watch this 15-minute video created by our friends, as it sheds light into the beautiful world of adoption. In a self-gratifying world, this production is counter-cultural. I promise you this creative effort will tug your heart and take ahold of you. Please remember to come back to this page to read the rest of the article. I am thrilled to write a feature story about adoption for my blog. My take on adoption, as I’ve heard folks say is that ‘it is birthed in the heart of God’. I hold a positive perspective about adoption and I have been affected by adoption from the time I remember. Yes, I have a seed of adoption in my heart.  My husband and I have considered adopting and we still talk about it.

I am excited as I get to write the story of our friends Daryl and Cathy Heald.  They display such joy in adopting that their story is more than inspiring.  A story of sacrifice and what may seem like an inconvenience, but in reality a story that births blessing and joy. Daryl currently serves as Director of Generosity with The Maclellan Foundation as well as serving on the boards of Crown Financial Ministries, Excellence in Giving, ProVision Foundation and the Haggai Institute. His wife Cathy is by all means what I would call the chief of supermoms. Daryl and Cathy, live in Georgia, with their seven children. They have 5 biological children (Frances, Hallie, Hamilton, Anders and Louisa) and 2 adopted children (Lee Lee and Lucy Wu from China). They are in the process of adopting another little treasure Bella from China, which makes it 8 blessings. Their adoption story is anything but typical.

Life well lived

Daryl and Cathy began the process of adopting their daughter Lee Lee from an orphanage in China in 2007. Not only did they possess an incredible heart to adopt, but also they set to adopt babies who were special and physically challenged. Lee Lee was born with cleft lips, cleft palette and clubfeet. She was one year when they first visited her in China. She was able to crawl and sit up but not for long periods of time. She had her lips repaired in China.  Physical therapy for her club feet administered in China had not been very successful. She was brought to their home in Georgia in August 2007.Lee Lee's treatment

Lucy Wu is the second daughter adopted by Daryl and Cathy. She hails also from China and was born with a rare physical condition. She had a large mass grown since development in utero, in her back, which compressed her spine. She was born with nerve loss below the knee. Lucy Lu was brought to the loving home of Cathy and Daryl in August 2012.

Lucy Wu's treatment

Both the daughters have progressed in their health as the new parents and siblings cared for them, provided medical help and instilled in them, unconditional love. They have been through innumerable surgeries and medical intervention and are in a better place in their health as I write. These little girls have experienced the full gamut of emotions: pain, suffering, love, joy, peace, excitement and much more and through it all they have seen the reflection of the loving hands of God as Daryl and Cathy nurture them. As parents their days may be chaotic, their homes full, their bills may be outrageous and their lives involve constant sacrifice, yet they count it all joy to be in a position to raise, build and respond to a call of generous giving.

Lee leeLucy Wu

Though the little girls do not have blond hair or blue eyes, they own the hearts of Daryl and Cathy. They have been gifted with a chance to live and thrive. Daryl and Cathy believe growing their family through adoption is one of the biggest blessings in their life. They consider it privilege to be parents to 7 and soon to be 8 children. Daryl and Cathy believe in a journey of generosity and are committed to spreading the message of generosity. They embrace the truth ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’. Their story of adoption is a true story of giving their life, their resources, their money, their time, and their family to a greater cause.

ling a new life

Here is a family who stepped out of their comfort zone to adopt and parent precious little helpless babes who they raise as their own. These parents truly pursue to reflect selfless love in a selfish world. .  I believe pregnancy and childbirth are a miracle. After learning the story of Cathy and Daryl, I am convinced that the journey of adoption is as miraculous.


God’s best for a child is a loving family. If you have considered adoption, you are making a difference; you are making an eternal investment.  Daryl and his friend Michael Dennehy, who have adopted, have created  the video on adoption that I have shared at the beginning of this post. I share it with the hope that it may help others who are considering or beginning the adoption journey.  If you would love to be  part of a child's life and hope to make a difference in their lives through sponsorships, i have attached a link to a trusted international organization that is committed to building a better world for helpless children. . You can do very little, and still do a lot. Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive.