‘FARZI TWIST’- Are they reinventing the wheel or is it a refreshing addition to the existing genius menu available? We were intrigued and could not wait to see what this is all about. Signet Ring crew were invited to an elaborate menu tasting. We were pleased to discover dishes remain from the old menu and the restaurant has welcomed a few addition to their existing menu giving diners more options.

Sneha Rebecca at Farzi Cafe Dubai

The additional menu suggests that the cocktails have taken on an interesting twist and is not to be missed. Seducing-scented smoke, bubbling bowls of liquid nitrogen, flavors that slip down smooth - All an injection of whimsical theatrics and fans are in for a treat.  The stand outs among their latest culinary creation include; Chilly Beef spiked kulcha, Tenderloin Medallion Aloo choke and Chole-kulcha Tamarind onion salsa.

From start to finish the acts of drama never ceased - Presentation of meals were ornamented offering diners an experience laced with mystical tricks. Was it all a mental blur and will I remember the flavors of every single new dish offered- Maybe not. Will I come back for a Farzi experience - Definitely YES! and i have a few favorites from the Menu listing! They have me #FARZIFIED and I could never get enough of this space.