A cult hit advocating molecular gastronomy using innovative techniques and a  restaurant like no other in Dubai. At Farzi be prepared not just to be satisfied but to be #Farzified. You set foot in a cheerful cafe interior serving plates of edible artwork. One of the top reasons guests are flocking to this innovative space is for the one-of -a-kind concept . From unconventional crockery to unusual plating, get yourself ready to experience the most hedonic feeling.  With foodie popularity and limited space, Farzi cafe is one of the most in-demand tables in Dubai.


Signet Ring Seals: Amuse Bouche shots, a complimentary appetizer- they are goblets of Mishti Doi with a berry compote on chilled steaming platters that explode in your mouth offering a welcome surprise and setting a perfect start to the mystery that lies ahead.


The deconstructed shepherds pie plated with a creative flair on a crescent platter is a definite stand out.

The Rasmalai offered here is not cloyingly sweet but tickles the sweet palette just the way it should.

Narrowing down to the best dining experience is not an easy feat given the number of unique and exquisite menus Dubai has to offer. Farzi cafe surpassed any and all expectation we had and I can boldly say it has been one of the most notable dining experience in the city. Come prepared to get mystified with the drama of dishes displayed in telephone booths, trucks, steaming platters with illusive bubbling smoke and flavored air. What sets it apart is the price point- multi-sensory dining experience and great vibe offered without damaging your wallet. If you are looking for something extra special and an unforgettable culinary experience settle into Farzi and enjoy the ride