I'm not a sweet-toothed lady, but i don't need a reason to want dessert if the invite is from Godiva - the very name commands attention! If you are a fan of bespoke gourmet chocolates then you won’t be disappointed. 



We visited the City walk branch of Godiva Cafe for the purpose of this review. The interiors are not all pretentious and formal like the luxe chocolate havens in the city. They have a very small indoor space and a patio which looks out to the water fountains and water features at the City Walk Mall. I highly recommend sitting outdoors to make the most of this season and to enjoy the view.

As you enter the cafe you are faced with a display of finely crafted artisan chocolates and chocolate boxes which makes for great gifts and hampers.

At the corner i spotted the beautifully decorated, limited edition festive collection, which encompasses a colorful range of fine Belgian chocolates, packaged and designed to capture the holiday spirit. The collection includes new signature chocolates as part of the BUCHE DE NOEL - festive flavors of Spiced Tea, Chocolate, Chestnut, Hazelnut and Coffee. Just one low point, we noticed the staff was not proactive and not together in anticipating the customers needs.

Signet Ring Seals : Crepe with strawberry banana and ice cream. Easily one of my best Crepe experience, and i can proudly say it beats my Parisian and Swiss holiday crepe experience. This perfectly crafted crepe came covered in milk chocolate in it’s purest form, the banana slices complimented the chocolate and the strawberries balanced the sweetness. I had a dessert-coma chocolate high expression after indulging in this. Chocolate lovers you wont regret giving this a try.

We also loved the strawberry, banana waffle and ice cream and the dark decadence chilled Chocolixir.

Godiva cafe is a must try, if you are one with a fine eye for quality or one with an insatiable sweet tooth. A perfect space for whiling away time with friends and digging into some bespoke chocolates boasting undeniable charm.