Hakkasan, an original London establishment founded in 2001, went on to the spotlight in 2003 to grab the coveted Michelin star. It has since expanded across the globe and found itself a niche spot at the Emirates Towers, Dubai. As a gourmet enthusiast and as one who enjoys fine dining scenes, i was thrilled to experience astronomical heights of Cantonese cuisine in this space. The interior glows with sophistication and the glamorous terrace adds to the overall charm leaving you mesmerized from the time you set foot here. The bar is a visual treat with its design elements and the creative mixologist at the counter craft impressive cocktails. 


Dim lighting and opulent design strikes just the right note, inviting couples for an intimate dinner at one of the private-booth seating. For a laid back affair you could choose Ling-Ling lounge or a private VIP area. Wherever your chose to sit, rest assured service is guaranteed to be top-notch.


The menu aims to champion and laud its contemporary Cantonese style cuisine in palate-tempting detail. However be informed that if you choose to dine here the cash in your pocket will shrink. The overall experience however, justifies the prices that are a notch above.


Signet Ring seals: Hakka dim sum platter which consists of scallop shumai, har gau,

seabass shumai, chicken and sweetcorn dumpling- An artful array of dainty, juicy and packed with gusto. 


The chicken claypot arrived at the table scorching hot in a personal sized claypot, locked with favor, offering a kick of spice. 


A visit to Hakkasan is bound to be a memorable haute cuisine experience. I'll go so far to say this is Dubai's best Chinese restaurant offering a refined cantonese fare with a contemporary twist.