Signet ring crew was charmed to experience HIDE- a modern American meatery (If it's not a word, it should be) in Dubai's most impressive setting: with stunning views of the Burj Al Arab from the terrace, it is a perfect pick to bask in ambiance and savor creative offerings by renowned British Chef Nick Cuadrado. The indoor space oozes charm, carving a personality with rustic settings of vintage glass, filament light bulbs, leather booths, knifes as art accents, wood panels, stone, and slate finishes. The space also hosts a cutting edge drinking den where you can kick back, relax and enjoy some fine tunes.


Steaks is the name of the game here- Ribeye, Tenderloin, strip, hanger, flat-iron, flank all feature on the menu which can be paired with a selection of sauces and sides.  Hide prides in serving unusual bites and forgotten cuts of meat.  The fare is contemporary, reinventing the classics yet without loosing sight of deliciousness. The potions pay homage to true American style larger than life mantra. You will not miss the mini chop knifes that is part of the cutlery offered with your choice of steak- the tool on point effective and scores on the front of attention to detail. 


Signet ring seals: If your taste buds are set for slicking into a juicy slab of perfectly medium rare steak that was bound to be impressive- try the American Prime time ribeye. 



The greatest treat here is being able to experience seamless hospitality, afford a relaxed ambiance yet high end food- fine value which is a rare find in the indulgent city of Dubai. My 7 year old who puts me through food battles is absolutely wild for steaks, to the point he has a preference for ribeye over other cuts. He exclaims- "i want to eat at Hide every week" . The vibe here is family friendly and accommodates young children; for once you enjoy a fine meal with kids and can get away being unapologetic. There is no HIDING or surprise that this new comer went on to stage quickly to pick up a prestigious 'Best NewComer award".