The Garden Grille, Hilton Garden Inn, Dubai, Mall of the Emirates

The Garden Grille restaurant in Hilton Garden Inn Dubai, Mall of the Emirates, is the newest addition to the ever-expanding UAE hotel collection of the reputed Hilton brand. I walked in expecting a run-of-the-mill diner and cafe-style food but, were instantly floored by the menu offerings. The Head Chef Gautam Seti, of Hilton Garden Inn Dubai, has brought his passion for food to the table with a menu that conjures up flavorful dishes and heart-food. On the menu were the usual classics with some genuinely unusual and original touches. The dining area in Garden Grille is simple and airy in grey and olive color schemes with minimalistic decor, but guarantees an insanely delicious and impressive culinary voyage. 

We decided to go with the chefs recommendation of highlights from the menu that he personally conceived. Believe me when i say, every single dish we tasted came across as a choice serving of comfort food. 

They have managed to elevate the unpretentious Caesar salad from the realm of ordinary to wildly awesome by combining kale, white anchovies, veal bacon, aged parmesan, pumpernickel croutons and Caesar dressing, it's like nothing you have ever had. 

Butter chicken is undeniably one of the most loved dish in India and around the world, but i have mixed feelings and reservations when it comes to versions served in most acclaimed restaurants. The butter chicken served here is truly a winner ; authentic and heart-warming. The silky spiced butter chicken served here is a sharing platter for two and accompanied by aromatic rice, melting hot parathas, papadums, chutney, raita and salad.

SignetRing Seals :The Middle Eastern spice-crusted lamb chops seared and daubed with pistachios, almonds, nutmeg, cinnamon and a variety of interesting spices is an absolute must order. Sweet pumpkin and saffron puree and an innovative tabbouleh salad features as the perfect companion to the Lamb chops.The anti-lamb eater that I am, I am proud to say this dish had me digging in and wallowing in the flavors of the succulent meat. Their version of Lamb chops has won me over. 

Needless to say we left might impressed. It turned our trip to one of the most memorable food journey's I have been on in the recent past.

Why it's a hotspot : Centrally located. For folks who are not looking for frills, haute cuisine and gastronomic installations but crave truly robust flavorful food, this is your destination to hit!