What : Italian Cooking class

Where : Solo Italian Restaurant, Raffles Dubai

When: From 11.30am to 2pm, every Saturday from September 9th to November 11th

Price: Cooking Masterclasses at Solo are priced at AED 300 per person (inclusive of soft drinks)

Interested in creating a magical spread of Italian dishes to astound family and friends? We know just the space that could make your dream come true. I spent a fun-filled day learning new recipes and culinary skills from Chef Doxis Bekris and the expert Solo team and detailed below is all about my Italian cooking class experience.

Starting with handmade focaccia followed by Bruschetta della Casa, we also learned how to cook two classic pasta dishes - Bucatini all’Amatriciana and Spaghetti Carbonara. We prepared all the dishes from scratch, from making pasta dough, baking fresh bread, pasta sauces as well as picking up some professional culinary skills and techniques. You could be an expert cook or a complete novice and you would still fit perfectly here. The classes at Solo Dubai  takes place under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Doxis and his team . They provide step by step lessons, friendly guidance and hands on experience, thus equipping each learner the information needed to createdelicious Italian dishes from Solo’s celebrated menu.


The food is also insanely good – The Bruschetta was excellent from the first bite and the focaccia was melt-in-your mouth perfect, packed with flavor. I enjoyed a good share and found myself craving more. The pasta sauces quiet frankly, inspired me. I never thought a restaurant rendition of such a dish would be this simple to prepare. We finished cooking and then a member of staff dished up, arranging the meal beautifully. I sat down with my fellow foodies and savored the tasty meal we prepared.


Is it worth the cost? Hands down YES! What is great about this course is the opportunity it lends to learn from an expert who can coach well and entertain. Chef Doxix also throws in small tips and tricks that cookbooks cant really capture. I would definitely recommend making your way to Solo Dubai, not only for the amazing dining experience it offers, but also for a cooking course with a brilliant chef and his team.