Dubai On Demand, which promises to bring interactive short video clips on topics ranging from Fashion to Fitness, is set to launch its YouTube channel shortly. 

The channel brings together presenters and celebrities, the likes of Tamara Al Gabbani (Fashion Designer), Dalia Dogmoch (A food author, presenter and entrepreneur), Aishwarya Ajith Gordon (TV presenter), Layne Redman ( TV presenter, MC and actor), Nitin Mirani ( 'comedy juggernaut'), Dina Buttu (Celebrity Correspondent), Tom Urquhart (TV presenter and Radio broadcaster), Punam Verma (Founding presenter and writer of  'Out and About') and Faraz Javed (Director and Producer for MTV, 'That's entertainment', 'Studio One' and 'Mouth Piece'). 

The exclusive pre-launch of 'Dubai On Demand' at Vii saw fashionable women who donned showstopper looks and  swaggering macho tribe posing in sharp dapper trends.