To celebrate a very special birthday dinner , we set off on a hunt to find the perfect destination to dine. We narrowed our search options down to a list of new restaurants open in Dubai. To pick one from a knock-out list was hard,  but in the end we decided to taste for ourselves what the fuss over the quirky Parsi restaurant in H hotel was all about. Mumbai and Co is something of a marriage between 1950's Mumbai with modern-day Dubai offering Parsi cuisine and Mumbai street food.  

Ambiance :  The interiors reflect a retro Bollywood theme. The warm welcome you receive here, the band-baja and all that jazz over the celebrant, the constant replenishment of food are all synonymous of the great Indian culture and hospitality. Old school Bollywood music will have you singing along. Quirky retro props and funny lines will definitely grab your attention.

Moombai and co

Food : We heard mixed reviews of the food here, hence expectations were at low. The food we chose were specialities from the menu and they had this sense of a homely meal - Food for the soul and completely satisfying types. Needless to say we were so very pleased by most of the dishes we indulged in,  the chats were not over the top super - we've had better. Overall the menu items we tried were brilliant! Given the fact that this space is nestled in the glitzy H hotel, do not expect fine dining fare, table settings and cutlery. However, the food presentation is reflective of the retro-quirky theme of this space, with Nalli Nihari presented in Tiffin boxes to Bhel puri served in street style paper cone.

DSC03593 copy.jpg
DSC03603 copy.jpg

Service/ pricing: Considering the space was packed for a weekday, the staff managed to balance a full house and also found time to put up an unforgettable show of dance, music and cheering for our birthday boy. We give them top scores on the service front. Keeping in mind the location and status  of 'being nestled in a fine dining Hotel', being a licensed space  and for the experience it offers the pricing is fair and affordable. However, it isn't priced like your street style cafe joints or like any average Indian restaurant that you find sprinkled around the city.

Signet Ring seals:

Aam ka Panna -an ideal summer cooler drink and a palette cleanser between courses is fabulous. The sweet, salty and zesty flavors of the drink all adding the perfect balance, I could not stop with just a glass. The panner Achari Tikka (Aed 50) - Lip-smacking good with mild smokey flavors. 'Patra in Machhi' (Aed 85) a favorite  Parsi dish- fish marinated with cocunut, coriander, chilly,mint and cumin wrapped in banana leaf is perfectly executed here with melt-in-your-mouth flavor and texture. In the bread basket was an assortment of brilliant breads, the highlight, a Sheermal(Aed 20), which I did repeat orders of - simply superb leavened flour bread with hints of cardamom and saffron that offer such a unique twist and taste. Hot, soft, spongy Julab jamuns (Aed 45) came baked in a skillet with silky smooth rabdi -just thinking about this makes me want to make a b-line to this space. All in all a great pick for a special dinner.

For the love of good food, Bollywood music, fun and great hospitality, we will be revisiting time and again.