'OCEANICA' by Luiz Chumpitaz  at Coya, Four Seasons Dubai

Luiz Chumpitaz a Peruvian artist based in Dubai, unveiled his latest collection 'OCEANICA'  in Coya, Four Seasons Dubai, on January 17th 2016. In a personal interview with me, Mr Chumpitaz, shed light on his art and mentioned he continually draws inspiration from nature and is fascinated by depictions of the female world. The art exhibited took over the concept of the oceanic world and its depth, melded with the depictions of the female world. The exhibits portrayed  a colorful mix of geometric fantasy and reality. The event was attended by government dignitaries, socialites, art enthusiasts, and representatives of the media. 

From left: Lara Tabet (Spokesperson, AFC), Nicole H.Purin (Lawyer), Sneha Rebecca (Founder, SignetRing)
From left: Sneha Rebecca (Founder, SignetRing), Maria Elena Ruis (Shell Global), Luiz Chumpitaz (Artist), Pavlina Chumpitaz
From left: Lolita Chagaeva, Hajar Agaeva (Marketing and Events, Harper's Bazaar Arabia), Eleanor Joslin (Editor of Harper's Bazaar Arabia)