Signet Ring visited Pantry Café, the local gourmet and delicatessen to relish their range of cuisine in the their Al Wasl Square branch. The spacious  venue is perfect for a leisurely weekend family breakfast, meeting friends and a relaxed business rendezvous. The ambiance had a communal feel with neutral color schemes, an all glass exterior, an industrial style interior with exposed ceiling, brick walls, deli counters and rustic cabinets that feature deli products including jams, sauces and speciality breads. 


Pair the breakfast with a kiss of sunshine and a freshly brewed coffee in their laid back exterior seating or choose a high stool or family table in their inviting interiors.What i love most about the venue is that they stock RAW coffee and boasts of an on site bakery where bread is freshly baked daily. Their vegetables are locally sourced and organic and they use free range, organic eggs. This explains why the food served here tastes so good and you are left with an authentic gourmet café experience.



We visited the café well past sunset for a late dinner and  dived straight to the mains. We ordered  a Chillie and Panko Crusted Cream Dory and a Wagyu Burger. The Cream Dory  served with lime and turmeric risotto with its texture and flavor, which seem to meld perfectly was an absolute winner. The Wagyu burger, grilled to our liking came topped with caramelized onions, rocket, spicy truffle mayo and sautéed mushroom. It was delightful; each bite of it oozed juicy meaty flavor. For a sweet ending we chose the 'Valrhona Chocolate Brownie', which arrived significantly late but worth the wait for every morsel of goodness served hot in a skillet. The servers were friendly but not particularly attentive.


I can't get over how amazing the Cream Dory was and i think the food is top end. This is an absolute foodie destination despite minor flaws and i am looking forward to many more return visits.


Tab For 2:

Mushroom Risotto - Aed 54

Wagyu Burger - Aed 75

Valrhona Chocolate Brownie - Aed 30

For more information and reservation visit



Pantry Café, Wasl Square

Hadeeqa Street, Jumeirah

04 388 3868.

Pantry Café, Bay Square

Bay Square, Business Bay

0 4 558 7157


Photographed by Absolute Achromat