Are you a woman living in the GCC region? Are you brimming with creative ideas to improve the quality of life of the less fortunate? Are you one that desires to bring about admirable and happier changes in the community? You need a platform to be heard and a tribe to believe you.  Philadelphia ‘Creativity for a Cause’ campaign is here to provide you the platform and your tribe. 



In continuance of encouraging creativity amongst women in the region and celebrating International Women’s Day,Philadelphia’s ‘Creativity for a Cause’ from Mondelēz International  inaugurated  for the seventh year in a row, the GCC wide women’s campaign aimed towards community welfare.  Women from the region are invited to participate with simple ideas that bring joy in their communities. The winning idea will receive project funding upto AED100,000for realization of their community idea. The campaign also aligns with the government’s endeavors of instilling happiness within the communities. 


The campaign has empaneled a team of mentors who will guide the shortlisted participants in shaping and displaying their idea before the final presentation. This year, the mentors will shortlist eight ideas which will qualify for an intensive mentoring workshop, post which these shortlisted ideas will be opened to public votingfor the most unique and creative community idea. The highest voted idea will receive prize money of upto AED 100,000 (AED 50,000 + no. of likes @ AED5 for each like). The Partner University winner will receive funding up to AED 75,000 (AED 25,000 + no. of likes @ AED5 for each like) and a University recognition for the maximum entries from a Partner University. The winners will be announced at a Gala ceremony scheduled in May 2016. 

Share Creative Ideas for Happier Communities

In order to bring in a positive change in the community, send in your ideas on Participation portals will open on the 8th of March until 9th of April 2016.

Commune with Creativity!