A slize of original Texas in Dubai. Antony Russo’s restaurant kitchens have something unique to offer-  his traditional family recipes passed down from generations. Fresh pizza dough, sauce and with real ingredients (not packed), the offerings here tastes every bit homemade. 

SignetRing seals : The largest Pizza available in the UAE, from Russo’s is true to American Philosophy of 'larger than life'. It is not just great value but tastes terrific. The 28-inch monster, which is perfect for a party and feeds 10, costs 115 Aed, minus the toppings. This Pizza can be made up of four varieties of Russo's flavor. Cut the pizza in smaller square slices and you could feed 12-15 adults.

The Eggplant Rollatini is the best preparation with an eggplant I have ever tasted. With a perfect combination of flavors and creamy ricotta bursting with every bite, it was beyond delightful. I will revisit just to savor this dish.

The only low is with their restaurant location. I visited their branch in Silicon Oasis and the GPS had me on a wild goose chase. The space is tucked away in a corner of a corporate building and it would be your lucky day if you managed to find it on your first attempt. They are also located in Jumeirah center and the Greens - crossing my fingers and hoping the space there is a breeze to navigate to.

What is to love most about this place ? Their motto - “if it isnt’t fresh, don't serve it”.