What? Serendipity 3

Where? Dubai Festival city and City walk

First Impression - It’s not only one of NY’s most famous restaurants, but also one that has attracted celebrities the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Oprah, and now we know why. Walking into Serendipity is like walking into a set of Hollywood/ Fantasy land with dainty umbrella’s to grace the ceiling and swirly lollipops and rainbows to greet you. It also offers you a taste of the Big Apple with their legendary creations and exaggerated portions.

What to Order : At Serendipity we order dessert first, then the mains, that’s just the whole reason to hit this space. You cannot walk into serendipity and not order the epic frozen hot chocolate (Regular- Aed 35 feeds 3, LargeAed 50 - satisfies cravings of 5 ravenous chocoholics, well worth the money then). The Red velvet cake (Aed 65, feeds two and makes them wanna dance) Forbidden Broadway (AED 65- a decadent sundae feeds 3 and a meal in itself) The Texas style chilly cheese dog is a winner (Aed 60). The Portobello mushroom Burger couldn't be better (Aed 58). My favorite for a main is the ‘Boston Beef’ (Aed 115) Perfectly grilled steak strips with mushroom and herb sauce. Absolutely mouth watering!

What could improve - I could pick a few of the waitstaff and state they were outstanding in their service (the restaurant manger would fall in that category) Would Isay that every wait-staff serving, delighted and astonished us? maybe not! Always room for working on some stellar service.

Would i go back- Absolutely for the dessert selection and sharing portions, which gives us agood enough reason for a communal hang out.