What? Lisse Supreme Facial

Where? Spa at the One and Only Royal Mirage, Dubai.

Price? Aed 980 for 105 minutes


Fact about living in Dubai is that a great spa experience can be quite steep and thus only the occasional indulgence is acceptable. I was recently invited to the spa at ‘The One and Only Royal Mirage’ to try out a luxe spa facial - ‘Lisse supreme Facial’ using Carita, the French quintessential skin care brand. I was craving for a little pampering as my skin felt tired and dull and considering the products they use I decided to try out their services.

What I loved -

The interiors of the spa is stunning and inviting. The impressive spa is adorned with marble floors, beautiful Arabian chandeliers and relaxing water features. Walking in the first thing that greets you at the Spa reception is an array of products from the French brand ‘Carita’. If only my personal dressing table looked like that! The receptionist were professional and led me to a sophisticated changing area. I loved every bit of that room. There I was greeted by my facial therapist who led me down the long corridor to the treatment room which was well equipped and cozy. The best part was just plunging into the warm spa bed with dim lights and low soothing music playing. The start of the experience was just magical.

What the facial involved -

The therapist started with a Carita cleanser, then exfoliated my face followed by a massage with a moisturizer, hydrating my neck, shoulder, arms, face  and ended with a serum that left my face and neck feeling supple as though my skin was swapped for baby skin. The products were all specific to lifting and firming and smelt relaxing. I could already feel my face felt amazing. Big thumbs up for the products and the ambiance.

What could improve -

My therapist did not introduce herself, which I thought would be the most appropriate welcome gesture, but i overlook that as I was late to arrive and i figured she wanted to jump straight into the real deal. I also noticed her techniques was just mediocre (I was measuring them based on some very professional facial massage, stokes, pressure exertion and techniques  I have experienced prior in various spas). The product used, however was so amazing that it made up for all of this. I walked out glowing for days. There really is something magical about the products they use here.

How it ended- 

 After my facial I was led to the resting lounge where I was offered a section of fine teas. The space was tranquil and I could relax there for hours. Seriously! this was one of the most calming spaces I have been to. What I noticed days after my spa experience here was the way my skin felt- refreshed, firm and rejuvenated. 

Would I go back?

Absolutely! for the relaxing ambiance and for the products that made my skin feel fabulous, i would consider a revisit (however, for my next visit  i may ask for another therapist with magic hands).