Celebrity favourite, American Brasserie, Sugar Factory has made its way to Dubai’s very own Festival City Mall. Frequented by celebrities and famed for its Couture pops, sweet treats and merchandise, sugar factory is not just a luxury candy boutique but also serves a sprawling menu.

With a ‘Rubber Duck’ Logo, bling displays adorned with jelly beans, lollies and candies to welcome you, it gives you the impression that you have walked into Willy Wonka’s world. My little boys would absolutely love this space! Beyond the array of colors and retail space lies stereotypical American dining areas that serve classics such as burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, waffles, crêpes and desserts - not all of it has the flavors to back up the ambition. Thestand out here is their dramatic mocktails, i.e. if you can handle the sweetness. 

SignetRing Seals: Lollipop Passion- Presented in a goblet and adorned with lollies this drink whisks you away into a tropical paradise experience. It’s tempting, but make sure to have a sneak peek at the price list before you order one of these. It comes at a whooping DHS 89 a Goblet, which is quite the wallet drainer, even if it is huge and hearty enough to share between four. 

Now hold you thoughts before you judge - if you are seeking for an attractive price and generous portion, they got that sorted too. Their classic ice cream Sunday could feed two excited kids and still manage to have heaps left over. This is priced at an unbelievable DHS 36.

The service is average and the portions are over the top generous. What this place could be a hit for is to host special events and celebrations. If you are carving sugar and need a quick fix, this is a stop that you should consider.