What? The coffee Club

Where? Wasl Vita Mall, Golden Mile Mall and Dubai Airport Free Zone.

First Impression - More than just a coffee shop. The coffee club’s minimalistic contemporary surroundings and its laid back location provides a great escape to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their menu balances their day and night guests needs well. It was our first experience of being greeted with a babychino for my youngest. What a special touch indeed! I was pleased to learn that Coffee Club uses UTZ certified coffee—a program that supports sustainable farming practices.

What to Order: This is not just a space that serves great brews, their menu is teaming with good options. The breakfast menu looked most inviting, however since we were visiting the space at dinner time we settled for more supper kinds. I opted for a Salmon Nicoise pesto. The salmon and classic nicoise salad tasted so fresh, and the pesto sauce elevated the humble dish to levels of greater degree. My little one polished in a wink of an eye the mixed berry pancake that was served with generous topping of nutella (it was probably the nutella that did the magic). Sharing platters of pomegranate and date salad, potato wedges are all noteworthy. 

Downside : Not a brew with a view. If you are looking for Dubai’s tallest, biggest and a cafe with stunning views, then this is not where you should be heading.

Signet Ring seals: A must try here is the loaded shakes, which could easily pass off as a meal or dessert.  THE LOADED FREAK SHAKE IN CARAMEL FLAVOR is a must try for anyone looking to ‘Shake things up’. its a caramel popcorn overflow, swirly, buttery, utterly delicious. Do not miss this one- trust me on this!!

Would i go back ? Yes indeed! especially if i am looking to kick back from the city madness sit and enjoy a good, conversation cuppa and a meal.