What : Chef's table experience

Where: Tresind Studio, Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road

When : 7:00pm - 11 pm daily. Sundays closed.

Price : Vegetarian option is - AED 450 exclusive of taxes and Non-Veg options is AED 475 exclusive of taxes

I had the pleasure of experiencing The Chefs Table at Tresind Studio, the newest baby of chef Himanshu Saini (a chef who helms two of Dubai's leading restaurants). With it’s entrance camouflaged in an extension of the parent TreSind restaurant, this space acts as a canvas for diners to experience a special sensory journey whilst a 16 course menu unfolds before them. With a venue fitting only a handful of tables (Seating 20 guests) , the crisp white dining hall with butterfly detail on each table, an open kitchen in the rear where you can witness the chefs crafting masterpieces and minimalist art on the wall (handpainted by chef Venu from Tresind Carnival), it all adds to give this space distinctive character. The 16 course menu encapsulates the taste of India using modern techniques and flavors to bear on regional cuisine. Each course is carefully curated with great emphasis on presentation techniques and the elegant small sized delicacies are guaranteed to satiate your appetite. The service is top notch with servers paying great attention to detail on service skills and detailing every course perfectly. Be prepared to spend an hour and a half to immerse in this 16 course experience. Below is a break down of what it entails.

  1. First course is a deconstructed pani puri served in a creative ice bowl. The tamarind liquid, a main ingredient is frozen and shaved in to the mix adding a unique twist to the classic dish.

  2. Next up is a Missi roti (chickpea bread) seasond with chili pickle and served with homemade butter. Believe it or not, this is the only bread served in the entire 16 course tasting menu. You will not miss any breads or rice as the 16 course although petite sized will have you leaving full and satisfied.


3. The third course is a canapé version of the infamous Tresind Chaat trolley served in the most opulent gold platter. Its all glitz and glamour with this course, symbolic of 'Dubai the sparkling city'


4. The mushroom, ravioli accompanied by the mushroom chai is possibly one of the best pairings I've tried of anything mushroom.


5.The fifth course is definitely a personal favorite of mine . This chicken Kafriyal ( Goan dish ) has the perfect bled of vinegar and black pepper flavors. This came presented on a Shiso leaf tempura and garnished with shiso leaf. Absolute delight!


6. A burst of flavors with the next dish which is fish and it hails from Bengal, This came presented on a lotus leaf.


7. Next up is prawns served with watermelon rasam (hailing from Tamil Nadu), while the sound of it seems odd, the flavors had me wishing for more.

8. The succulent lamb chops marinated with the most amazing blend of spices and sprinkled with gun powder, had even this Lamb-averse soul tugging in and enjoying every morsel.


9. Time for pallet cleansing with sea buckthorn sorbet and popping candy which arrived on the most gorgeous coral presentation.


10. Following the sorbet was a wagyu steak served with 5 distinctive gravy from different regions.

11. The next course was quite the immersive experience where all guests are called on to the chefs table for a communal feel and to witness a live demonstration of kichdi preparation, with a fun 3d map of India and spices placed from where it hailed from. The chef took us on a geographical culinary journey as he prepared this special dish.

12. The savories ended with a kichidi and the sweet delights start off with pineapple-coconut payasam from Kerala served with appalam. This is presented on a banana leaf true to its heritage.

13. Next up is a red forest dessert and this was the only course I would describe as being more International than Indian. However, the presentation and flavor won me over and I had no time to rack my brains on its origins.

14. The next course came with a surprise element and the presentation of it with the use of a magnifying glass, I would describe as genius.

15. Ended the dessert course with a selection of petit fours displayed in a beautiful wooden chest.

16. Last but not least is a creative tea trolley with a variety of tea selection and fresh herbs for garnish.

Overall the experience is on the cutting edge of innovation, it expresses artistry and is guaranteed to delight guests. This is sure to make it to my list of 'Best dining experiences in Dubai city'.