What? Zahira

Where? The H Hotel

Looking for a modern adaptation of Middle Eastern cuisine? I’m not talking about liquid nitrogen and smoke infused platters, rather about comfort food tweeted with some modern techniques. I’m presenting to you my experience of Zahira Restaurant and Lounge by award-winning Australian- Lebaneses Chef Greg Malouf.  This newbie at the H hotel is a marriage of Levantine, Persian, Turkish, North African and a bit of Spanish cuisine. If you are a lover of art this space has plenty for a visual treat. Everything from the food, cocktails, through to the soundtrack and warm interiors creates a complete Art of Dining experience. 

First Impression - Game changing Arabic restaurant with a perfectly curated menu by a genius. The staff here is genuinely friendly and the wait staff that served me ‘Miss Anna’ was probably the most knowledgable waitress that I have come across in this region.

What to order - Fatima’s fingers, this gorgeous crispy puff pastry stuffed with mince duck and served on top of the most flavorful cabbage salad is not to be missed. 

A comfort version of the ancient Egyptian breakfast staple Ful Medames is served here with a topping of Italian Burrata. Flavors of Tahini, garlic, and the fluffy Burrata mix together to offer you unparalleled flavors.

Jumbo Wild prawn marinated with North African marinade is just out-of- the- world good and deserves to be highlighted. 

What could improve ? Instagram worthy food, however i wish the lighting in this space was inst-friendly as they are open only for dinner when everything seems so moody and dark.

Would I go back ? A licensed space serving a modern twist on Middle Eastern cuisine, quality food, sharing portions, affordable price point for a fine dining establishment and with exceptional service standards here - why would I not. A big YES to this space.